I Just Bought My First House

I have finally gotten my own place and it was less of an ordeal than I expected it to be. The house is tiny, even smaller than the apartment that I had been living in, but this is a good thing since I have less floor space that needs to be decorated. All of the stuff that I have in my apartment mostly ended up on the curb or in the dumpster. It just was not worth the effort to move it. I need to find stuff like rugs for sale at a discount, because I do not have a lot of cash on hand. The furniture is where I spent most of the money.

Designing and Ordering Tee Shirts

I wanted to design tee shirts for our youth group at church, but I was having a hard time coming up with just the right design for them. I wanted it to be something where other kids would see it and want to become a part of the cool church group, but nothing I was putting together seemed to have that wow factor I was looking for. My neighbor told me about a company that does screen printing in Tampa when I was telling her about my tee shirt woes over coffee one morning.

She told me that her daughter’s dance teacher uses this company to design all of their dance tees, which I have seen and really like.

Started to Renovate an Old Building

My boss took me down to this old building last week and asked me what I thought about the place. In fact I told him that the place stunk, and I mean it really stunk. He told me that he knew that, we were there to wait for some guys who had the job of drain cleaning in Bronx NY. He was smart enough to realize that no one was going to start working in that place until they sorted this stuff out. In fact the place had a couple of inches of stagnant water pooled in the basement and it made the entire place impossible to bear.

Window Tinting Services in Hamilton

I have a new car or well it is not brand new or anything like that. But I have only had it for a few months now and so it still feels pretty new to me. It still has the new car smell, but of course, I am using air freshener’s that are supposed to be “new car smell” scent, so that might be part of it. I want to get look up window tinting in Hamilton as I would like to get some window tinting for the car, as I think that would be a good way to add to my level of privacy when I am driving. I do not want everyone to be able to just look into my car, and see what I am doing.

Makes it feel like I am a bit more exposed when I am driving than I would like, and so I am going to fix that problem.The other reason why I want to get my windows tinted is simply that I think it would make the car look cooler. I am not sure how much of a tint you can get legally in this state, but that is something that I will need to figure out. I want to get the windows of my car tinted as dark as possible under the law, without exceeding the legal limits. I definitely do not want to get a ticket or something for driving with my windows too tinted.So I need to figure out a good place to take my car to in order to get the windows tinted. I want to make sure that I take it somewhere that is going to do a good job on it. I will look for some reviews to see if I can find anyone recommendations. Hopefully I can get this taken care of this weekend, as I have the time off from work and do not have much else to do.

This Saved Me from Having to Pay to Get Help from an Expensive Massage Therapist

I spend a lot of hours sitting at a desk because I work at home. Often, work-at-home contractors spend more hours sitting at a desk than someone who is an employee in an office. This is typically by choice because you often cannot work for more than eight hours if you’re an employee for a big company. The more you work, the more money you earn. However, this also means that workers typically find that they have sore backs after a couple of years of this. I learned from my coworkers that Magic Wand attachments are gold for helping to make your muscles feel better.

I started out by going to get a professional massage.

The Pests That We Keep

Bats. Rats. Roaches. The creepy crawlers of New York City come in many forms and go by many names. They’re a fact of life that many New Yorkers have to deal with. When a society has so many people living together in such density there’s going to be no way to avoid the attraction of life that thrives in the deep, dark cracks of our shadowy underbelly. Some of these creatures make for the poorest of neighbors which is why an exterminator in NYC are in such a high demand; nobody wants to wake up at 4am to find the glowing red eyes of a rat chowing down on their left over pizza that you left on the table.

A Tree Can Cause a Lot of Damage

One of the first things I did after moving my mom into a smaller house was contact a company that handles tree removal in Brooklyn NY. There was a fairly large tree that was growing over her roof, and it just looked to be extremely dangerous. When she looked outside her living room window, she could actually see one of the limbs against the glass window. I knew that if a storm was powerful, that tree could come through the living room window or topple over on her roof. I didn’t blame the person living there before my mom, because the house had sat empty for a few years.

It was taken care of while it was vacant, at least on the inside. The outside was neglected though, and the tree was given free reign to grow how it wanted.

Trying to Get Rid of Some Geese

I have a job as sort of the security guard at a large office complex. There are some sensitive things going on at some of these places, apparently software companies like to spy on one another from what the boss tells me. Most of the time my job is to check on everyone who goes in the place and not let anyone in who does not have a reason to be there. Lately they have had me trying to do some bird control in New Jersey. We have been infested by this great big flock of Canada geese, probably around a hundred and fifty it seems from looking at them.

Even the Aids Were Taken

Someone broke into my home while my wife and I were away on vacation. Of all the things that were stolen, the sex aids and stuff that my wife and I use was taken as well. We were a little too embarrassed to tell the police that these were among the missing items. There’s not much value a person can get out of used aids, and I’m sure they wouldn’t want to use them on their own body. The chances of us finding those aids again were slim to none, and even if the police somehow got them back, we wouldn’t want to use them anyway, because we don’t know where they have been.

My wife and I decided to cut our losses and just buy some new aids. The ones we had before were getting kind of worn anyway, so a replacement was inevitable, the burglar just sped up the process. My wife was getting a little bored with the aids we used before, and wanted something that was a little more stimulating.

Netflix Customers Have Rights Too

I used to think that Netflix was the same no matter where I went. You’d think that you would be able to watch the same movies no matter where you are in the world but apparently the US Netflix isn’t exactly the same as everyone else’s Netflix. Due to Netflix’s licensing agreements that they make with the studios who produce and publish the content they are restricted by their demands and costs for regional access. I imagine that it’s cheaper for Netflix to release the content in waves in different regions but for travellers like myself it can be a serious pain.

I should be able to watch what I want wherever I am. I pay for the account, right? I give them plenty of money every year to make sure that this happens.