I Started My New Sales Job Recently

I have been traveling a whole lot since I got my new position with the firm. If I get to be really good at it I can make a lot of money, but that hinges upon whether or not I can make sales or not. I am taking over the territory from this really smooth guy from the mountains of North Carolina. He has this folksy charm and all the while he knows the score pretty well. Of course you want to show the client a good time, so you have to use Myfafo’s Restaurants guide and things like that to help you find the right place. I am really lucky that this guy is handing over his notebook. He has notes on all of his clients and the people he is trying to sell to who have not signed up. So if a person likes Chinese food, then I know that.

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Baking with Coconut Oil, 4 Tips

Why Use Coconut Oil for Baking?

First, the flavour. Baking with coconut oil enhances the flavours in your cakes, scones and biscuits.

Baked goods are:-

  • Lighter
  • Sweeter
  • More fragrant

Second, the health aspect is now well known. Coconut Oil is highly resistant to oxidation at high temperatures, which means that unlike other baking mediums the oil doesn’t release free radicals, which have been implicated in causing cancer.

Baking with Coconut Oil: 4 Tips

  • Bake for the same amount of time that you would for a recipe containing butter.
  • Generally easier to melt first – I tend to measure out the required amount and place, in a pyrex bowl, in the oven as it’s warming.
  • As a general rule, you don’t need quite as much coconut oil as butter – approx ¾ is sufficient.
  • Adjust the amount of salt as the oil acts as a flavour enhancer.

Weight Loss

Coconut Oil is a Medium Chain Fatty Acid (MCFAs) which can help speed up your metabolism and so aid weight loss.

How Much to Use

You’ll notice that you get more than you bargained for as coconut oil comes in a solid form and when melted seems to increase in volume. In baking, I’d recommend using ¾ of the amount of butter suggested in the recipe.

Substitute coconut oil for butter, shortening and vegetable oil.

The Many Uses of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil can also be used when frying (try frying some eggs as an experiment and see what you think) and is great for roasting root vegetables, meats and fish.

Lactose Free Diet

If your diet is required to be lactose free then coconut oil is an ideal substitute, try it as a spread on bread.

What to Look For

The very best coconut oil is organic, virgin cold pressed (and therefore, unrefined) and RAW. Buying Fair Trade, the use of glass jars and certified Kosher are all signs of quality.

Where to Look

Coconut oil is fast becoming a food staple and not just found in health food shops. You’ll find it online from Amazon, search for ‘Organic Coconut Oil’ to the cooking oil aisles of Sainsbury’s in the UK.

When you buy high quality coconut oil for cooking it will last for 2 years, even when opened.

Example Recipe: Raspberry Bakewell Cake


  • 200g ground almonds
  • 150g Lucy Bee coconut oil
  • 140g caster sugar
  • 150g gluten free self-raising flour
  • 3 eggs
  • 250g raspberries
  • 2lbsp flaked almonds


  • Icing sugar to serve


  1. Heat oven to 180C/160C fan/gas 4.
  2. Grease a deep 20cm loose-bottomed cake tin.
  3. Mix together ground almonds, coconut oil, sugar, flour.
  4. Spread half the mix over the cake tin and smooth over the top.
  5. Scatter the raspberries over, then ladle the remaining cake mixture on top and roughly spread.
  6. Scatter with flaked almonds and bake for 50 minutes until golden brown.
  7. Cool
  8. Remove from the tin and dust with icing sugar to serve.


Pregnancy and Dental Health

Pregnancy and Dental Health


For those looking to start a family,the impact of pregnancy on an expectant mother’s oral health as well as her overall health and the health of her baby are all too often neglected. With misconceptions and misinformation about dental health during pregnancy, it can be very challenging for expectant mothers to filter the facts from fiction. While it is strongly recommended that anyone who is pregnant or may become pregnant consult their dentist, here are a few important facts to help expectant mothers maintain good oral health during pregnancy.

Prenatal dentist appointment

Scheduling a prenatal appointment with your dentist before pregnancy (if possible) is one of the best ways to help maintain good oral health over the course of your pregnancy. During this appointment, your dentist can professionally clean your teeth, thoroughly examine your gums and teeth, conduct X-rays and treat any oral health issue prior to your pregnancy.

Although expectant mothers are able to receive routine dental care during the second trimester of their pregnancy, dentists advise expectant mothers against undergoing any major dental treatments during the course of their pregnancy. Dental treatment during the first trimester and the last half of the third trimester are also discouraged, as these are critical times in the baby’s growth and development.  Dental procedures performed during these critical stages of pregnancy could potentially have adverse effects on the baby’s growth and development.

Tooth decay

During pregnancy a woman’s body is exposed to a flood of hormones designed to aid in the baby’s growth and development as well as helping the mother adapt to the demands of the baby on her body. One of the side effects of these hormones is an increase in the acidity in the mouth. This additional acidity significantly increases an expectant mother’s risk of tooth decay. This tooth decay is often accelerated by the vomiting associated with morning sickness, which exposes teeth to additional gastric acid. Dentists recommend regular brushing with a soft bristled toothbrush, regular flossing and rinsing with a fluoride mouthwash to help prevent tooth decay. In addition, rinsing with a solution of one cup water and one teaspoon of baking soda after vomiting will help neutralize the gastric acid left in your mouth.

Other risks

Along with an increased risk of tooth decay, pregnant women are much more susceptible to loose teeth and gum disease. Increased levels of progesterone and estrogen can affect the ligaments and bones that support the teeth, causing teeth to loosen during pregnancy, even if gum disease is not present.These hormonal changes during pregnancy can also increase chances of an expectant mother developing gingivitis. This inflammation of the superficial gum tissue, if left untreated can develop into more a severe form of gum disease known as Periodontitis. Severe gum disease in pregnant women has also been linked with preterm births and low birth weights in some cases.

Author Bio:

This article is written by Landon Blatter for Denver dentistry from Rocky Mountain Dental Partners. Their team at Rocky Mountain Dental Partners believes a great smile is priceless and everyone deserves the look and feel that great smile can bring. With locations in Aurora, Centennial and Cherry Creek, Rocky Mountain Dental Partners are available to answer your questions regarding endodontic treatment and help you achieve the smile you have always wanted.

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