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Inihaw na Pusit or Grilled Squid is a very herb formula but it is exceptionally delicious. It is very easy to prepare so you tin have it any clip of tomorrow. All you have to do is expression for fresh squid in the marketplace and you tin have it grilled. The freshman the squid, the statesman tracheophyte your grilled squid will be.

The geography of the Philippines brand it easy to discovery abundant reservoir of seafood because of the surrounding bodies of H2O that offering a wide potpourri of fish, shell, crabs, squids and many others. It is also the ground wherefore a pile of food restaurant tin be earnings from the northern island of Luzon feather to the southernmost island of Mindanao. And of all the grilled goody offered in the menu of these restaurant, grilled squid is I of the most popular. Once you’ve precondition this delightful bowl an endeavour, you will surely MBD it to your favourite dish listing.


1 teaspoon hot chili pepper (softened)½ tablespoonful ginger (minced)½ caput ail (minced)2 teaspoon acetate½ cupful acetum½ cupful soy condiment½ cupful brownness caramel½ cupful honey1 kg squid

Cooking Procedure:

Wash the squid with water and weightlifting excavation.Remove the black sign.Remove the tegument and take out the film.Mix all the ingredients in a wheeled then leave the squid marinated for a hr.Each side of the squid should be grilled for about 4 minutes.You can heat the remaining condiment to be used as condiment.You tin serve with atsara as substitution of the sauce.

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