How do I convince my parents to support my vegetarian lifestyle?

inquiry of SavvyRaeLovesYou : How do I convince my parents to support my vegan life-style I Have been mentation of departure vegan for year. I am in almost xv and my parent dont weighing serious. My momma habit cook or bargain thing to eat for me especially since everyone in my house chuck food. I knowing that is tin be healthy not listen to eat food but my parent habit. And i cannot return capsid from nut because of my allergy. HELP? <3 Best Answer:

Answer by Brock
Congrats on the idea of a veg. life-style.Give your parent of many reason why you want to become a vegetarian. Convince them with tangible grounds, representative: creature ill-treatment, enviorment, morals health … Vegetarianism is a very healthy fare and your parents should understand that you, yourself, want to brand this desicion.nuts arent the only protien source you can get from not eating food, there is mutliple sources! Stuff that you eat or chaser everyday (non-meat) whitethorn have many Gram of protien.

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7 Responses to “How do I convince my parents to support my vegetarian lifestyle?”

  1. Emily says:

    Look, you’re fourteen and you live in your parents’ house. So you live by their rules. Meat, especially white meat like chicken and fish is very healthy, as long as it’s cooked correctly. Also, if you cannot get protein from nuts, then it would be very dangerous to your health to give up a major source of protein.

  2. says:

    Two different menus per sit down meal sucks big time for those that prepare the meals and the added cost shopping.

    When it’s you that prepare and shop. DO IT.

  3. clarke says:

    congratulations on your choice!
    do some research about a vegetarian diet with your parents so they can see how healthy it can be and you make a quick meal plan together. Try going shopping with them. Tell them you want to learn how to cook so you can prepare at least part of your own meals (if your family is eating balanced meals the there should be more than meat in a meal so you might not have to cook a full meal all the time).
    there are many sorces of protein besides meat and nuts. * Amaranth*
    * Cereals and grains – buckwheat*, rye, corn, rice, pasta…
    * Leafy green vegetables, including spinach
    * Legumes – beans, lentils, peas, peanuts
    * Nutritional yeast*
    * Quinoa*
    * Seaweed – spirulina*, kelp …
    * Seeds – hemp*, sesame, sunflower…
    * Soy* products – tofu, tempeh, soy milk…
    * Vegetables – Brussel sprouts, potatoes, yuca
    good luck!
    here are some links to help you get started!

  4. ♥ H.2k9 ッ says:

    You can get protein from Quorn, which is a meat substitute – it’s so easy to cook and they taste like meat, but they are completely animal-free. They’re yummy too.

  5. Otto says:

    Seriously, think about it.
    Get a job, buy the groceries and cook the meals. Once you convince them you’re dedicated, serious and good at cooking those types of meals, they’ll probably change their minds. Until then you’re just another teenager going through a phase/fad.

  6. Rashmi says:


    I know it must be a really daunting step changing your diet when you’re a teen and your parents won’t support you. Sometimes, persisting may be the only way. Let me give personal testimony that being vegetarian since ten has NOT made me skinny in any way. I’m still curvy and have flab (may be my body structure and metabolism though), so I guess you just have to eat well and a variety. What to include while excluding nuts: whole grains, lentils, all types of vegetables, fruit, etc. As for dealing with the expenses, find a few maybe three or four recipes that seem really delicious. Maybe you don’t have to quit meat all at once, but I’m sure your parents would be obliged to satisfy their child’s wish for a particular food once in a while. That can get them used to some vegetarian recipes while avoiding a dramatic switch, which could be stressful for your mom. In fact, even meat eaters would benefit from limiting their meat intake to about only once or twice a week (which is healthier anyway). But just try that first, to see if your mom (or you) could cook a meatless meal once a week for starters. This would also not require too much extra shopping. Maybe some favorite meals could do without the meat and be replaced with mushrooms or something. No matter what, though, your views still deserve to be respected and honored, and maybe you could also point this out to your parents in an understanding and thoughtful way. They are your parents after all!

    There are so many different vegetarian pasta combinations, pizzas, quesadillas, sandwiches, burritos, tacos, stir fries, stews, paninis, rice and bean combos, and soups that are easy, nutritions, yummy, and not at all foreign to the American diet. Good luck!

  7. Insurance Guru says:

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