How do I get bread crumbs to stick onto chicken without using an egg coating?

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question of – – : How do I get bread crumbs to stick onto chicken without using an egg coating ?
Cooking for someone with an egg allergy. Best Answer:
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butter or egg subsitute.why did i get a thumbs down!

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10 Responses to “How do I get bread crumbs to stick onto chicken without using an egg coating?”

  1. OctoberGirl says:

    You can just dip them in milk or water, but shake off the excess.

  2. steve j says:

    Marinate the chicken in Italian Dressing, the marinate will help the crumbs stick and flavor the chicken

  3. U*asked says:

    Use buttermilk. Dip the chicken in the buttermilk first then the bread crumbs. It will make a terrific crunchy coating.

    The buttermilk is especially thick and clings to the chicken just as the egg would if not better than the egg.

  4. Happy Cooker says:

    Toss the chicken in liquid honey, the crumbs will stick and it gives the chicken a nice flavour.

  5. ask delia says:

    just make a dry rub using dry bread crumbs a couple of tablespoons of parmesan cheese then a pich of garlic powder and coat each chicken in it

    i hope this helps


  6. Donna L says:

    Well I was going to say use Mayonnaise or Miracle whip but these contain eggs I guess could you try Milk??

  7. ~Biz~ says:

    Milk is the most common I’ve seen, but buttermilk seems to work better and give the chicken & coating good flavor. That’s what I use.

    I would not recommend plain water.

  8. maryann p says:

    Steve j is good advise that is what I use and it gives it a good flavor. Italian dressing.

  9. Shar says:

    Ranch style dressing is great as a coating. Just make sure there are no egg ingredients in any salad dressing that you might use. Buttermilk is wonderful as well.

  10. Ary Jan says:

    You can dip them in an equal part of flour & water 50:50.

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