i want to make a meal for my other half but he has diabetes?

question from lala : aid i neediness to brand a repast for my other but he has dm ?He always cooks for me. And I neediness to surprise him one day with a meal …But he has nature 2 diabetes and if I remember correctly he has allergy to seafood.Now what could I cook to surprise him that is diabetic soldiery?I’m not a great cook, so dont make it too difficult, I just want to do something metropolis.whatsoever ideas? Best Answer: Answer by

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4 Responses to “i want to make a meal for my other half but he has diabetes?”

  1. Me says:

    There are many online sites with recipes in various categories! Check out:

    (even a recipe in here if by chance you happen to have ostrich… don’t we all…)

    or try:

  2. SURFgirl says:

    chicken, soup, salad, potatos… any meal that doesn’t include
    anything sweet or seafood

  3. Jaygee says:

    Diabetic people have to have low carbohydrate food.
    Any meats are low carbohydrate as are cheeses. Vegetables are OK in moderation. Happy Cooking.

  4. notyou311 says:

    There are lots of cookbooks for diabetics. The simplest thing you could make would be broiled fish. Get about 1 lb of salmon or grouper filet. Squeeze some lemon or lime over it and broil it for about 10 mins. or until the fish flakes easily. Melt some butter to pour over it with more lemon. Serve it with some broccoli or cauliflower and buy a sugar free dessert.

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