My parents do not cook any foods I can eat without a lot of pain?

question by Wolf : My parent do not cook any food I tin eat without a hatful of hurting I, for some reason, can not have murphy, most spaghetti, rice, breadstuff or chicken, and the only thing my parents cook is that I can eat, and that’s only once a week. They will not take me to the doctor to get me tested for food allergies, and they will not allow me to fix or eat exterior of repast times preset. What do you all suggest? Best Answer:

Answer by elliott
that suck

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3 Responses to “My parents do not cook any foods I can eat without a lot of pain?”

  1. kitchennovice says:

    Do you have a school nurse you can talk to? Or maybe a counselor at your school can help.

  2. *Ollin* says:

    maybe you could ask the student councelor about it… by what you’d described you seem to have some kind of intolerance to flour-ey products… but well i am certainly not qualified to advice you better, but maybe someone as the student councelor may be helpful 🙂

  3. Expecting 1st baby (29 weeks) says:

    ugh what? Um Id tell one of my family members.. if you are really telling the truth which sounds like they are basically starving you to death.. that is crazy..