Q&A: Who likes cooking over eating out,or ordering take-out?

Frage von Daddy: Who like preparation maiden feeding out,or order take-putout?
I prefer to cook many of my meals from scratch, I tin control goes in it,because there are too many people in my house with allergy.

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Answer by Desi Chef
I adoration cooking (& my family really enjoys it too). It’s healthier & I know what goes into what I make (less lipoid always bonemeal).

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5 Responses to “Q&A: Who likes cooking over eating out,or ordering take-out?”

  1. smartypants909 says:

    We do! We cook much better food than you can get at any take out, we never eat fast food like Taco Bell or Burger King. We cook almost every night. Once in a while we go out to Appleby’s or some place good like that.

  2. Lucky says:

    I enjoy cooking as well!

  3. unicorns_77 says:

    I love to cook…I just hate to clean up after!!

  4. Amara says:

    I don’t eat out often or order takeout because I’m stingy and currently need to save my money, and good takeout is often more expensive than a simple meal I’d cook myself.

  5. akivi73 says:

    I really enjoy cooking versus going out or ordering in. I find the whole process fufiling…except the process of cleaning up and, since I tend to be messy in the kitchen, this often deters me from cooking.

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