Question: Paraffin supper made me sick?

interrogation by Trish : wax supper made me people I did cook up a lather of volaille and option some wax maiden it to teeth it on backfire for an elite sec sort in the bistro.On the next morn i was heave people – allergy? Did i option too much parity finn? Best Answer:

Answer by Sugar Pie
Yes. Next clip, use an effort of brandy.

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4 Responses to “Question: Paraffin supper made me sick?”

  1. Terri says:

    paraffin is used to can to seal the tops of jars you don’t eat it I dont think. probably what made you sick.

  2. bronzeartist00 says:

    Did you use the wax or the stuff used in the little burners to heat food? The wax could make you sick but the alcohol used in burners is toxic.
    To light food on fire you need to use a shot or two of high proof alcohol. Most places use vodka so it doesn’t interfere with the taste of the food.

  3. NAN says:

    Parafin shouldn’t make you sick if it is food grade. I’ve used it in chocolate fondant recipes to make the finished product shinier. Probably the chicken made you sick.
    Of course you could be allergic to something in the dish you made.

  4. second-sun says:

    Parafin is wax. If it was the edible type and you ate a whole bunch there should be no problem (you might get a slight case of the runs) but if you ate unedible, the wax might cause cramping and, again, runs.

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