Question: What are some easy dinner recipes with 5 ingredients or less?

enquiry by Someone : What are some easy meal recipes with 5 ingredients or LE I’m look to MBD some recipe to my assemblage at place but I’m not really big into devising repast with a 1000000 ingredient because I have an II and an one-half yr yesteryear I demand to living an optic on. I’m mostly look for herb repast that she neediness to eat and neediness to savor like I’d been cookery all tomorrow! hehe Thanks! (Oh, and we do not have allergy, but we’re not big fan of tomatoes.) Best Answer:

Answer by Unknown specie.
egg fried rice with sausage (if your vegetarian quorn) either on the side, or cut up in it!spaghetti and meatballs (quorn also available)rice with shrimp and coconut behaved.bottom-dweller with mashed potatoes.joint chicken with potatoes and pea.Make miniskirt pizzasCut up potatoes and brand your own wedgeslasagna.souptacos.

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2 Responses to “Question: What are some easy dinner recipes with 5 ingredients or less?”

  1. Corvato says:

    Look at Food Network’s Five Ingredients Fix with Clair Robinson
    all she does is recipes with at most 5 ingredients… and many of them are very good

  2. Sea Kittress ۩ʂάϮąא's۩ ₴ⱠЏ₮ says:

    Learn to casserole girl!

    stock up on cream of chicken/cream of mushroom soup

    add leftover chicken, frozen broccoli, cooked pasta, cream of chicken soup, shredded cheese and a little water or milk together and put it in a 400 degree oven for 45 minutes

    try different combinations too

    Like rice/broccoli/cheese
    mac and cheese with fried onions on top
    chili and pasta with a cornbread topping
    ground beef and tater tots
    pork chops/rice/cream of mushroom

    you just put it in the oven and walk away

    no fuss no muss one dish

    Edit: buy a bunch of frozen veggies and experiment with different combinations

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