Question: which taste better to cook with: soy or rice milk?

inquiry of mysweetbrees : which taste better to cook with: soy or grain humour ?My youngest girl has a humour allergy so I’ve switched the unit menage to soy milk. I’ve heard many peoples opportunity they utilisation cereal humour to cook. Best Answer: Answer by

I would probably go with grain humor. Have you tried acidopholis humor? Depending on the severeness of the allergy, this is a tasty choice.

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4 Responses to “Question: which taste better to cook with: soy or rice milk?”

  1. eyestudy says:

    This is from what I hear working in a health-food store: most prefer soy. Many do use rice to cook with, but then there are many other kinds as well…oat milk for instance, which I personally do not care for, and almond milk. Like I tell people in the store, try a variety, and see which ones you like. Also, if you use soy to cook with, make sure you get “plain” or “original” and not vanilla, unless it is in cakes, cookies, etc.

  2. sammieneko says:

    Both soy and rice milks usually work pretty well, but not always. It depends what you are cooking. Soy milk can separate under very high heat.
    I use both rice and soy milk in cooking.

  3. starduster2 says:


  4. Ladymaggic says:

    China had little to no dairy..and only use soy and rice milk. I found my skin improved in the year I was there living without dairy…
    I actually hardly use milk at all these days…its not necessary..Koreans too use water instead of milk and it works..

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