Recipe for someone with diabetes and allergy to wheat.?

Frage von DoveyBuzzy: Recipe for individual with dm and allergy to durum.?
Im having a guest over who is elderly and a diabetic who is also allergic to wheat. I would like a city recipe of something healthy to cook for her.

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Answer by Holly
Fix grilled chicken, dish, veggies, and grain. Serve fresh melon and strawberry for afters.

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5 Responses to “Recipe for someone with diabetes and allergy to wheat.?”

  1. Kimberlee says:

    Your guest won’t be offended if you run the menu by her, maybe to confirm that what your planning is ok for her. I have a friend that is diabetic and has celiac’s disease and also very hard to cook for him…I run my menu’s by him to make sure I really know it’s ok – he always appreciates the cautious outlook I take on feeding him. In a situation like this, where I cook for our friend, I stick to simple grilled foods, to keep the fuss down, he appreciates what I feed him…

    its probably safe to do a grilled meat (chicken or pork) a sauteed or even grilled veggie and some simple rice. You want to stear clear of what makes them sick so that she will want to come back! Enjoy!

  2. Nicola's Mom says:

    I like your picture.

  3. I publish diabetic-friendly recipes complete with nutritional information at I agree with Kimberlee that grilled meat and veggies is a great idea. A salad with lots of seasonal vegetables and some protein would be another good choice. Crepes made with chickpea flour are a nice alternative to bread and are gluten-free. Fresh fruit is a great dessert. Good luck!

  4. Perfect recipe, i am going to try it with my wife tonight. Hope i get it right! Cheers

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