What are 10 items of food you should bring on a short holiday?

inquiry of Dream : What are 10 items of food you should bring on a tract vacation We are staying in a size train parkland in our own cabin. It’s got everything (cookery cogwheel, deep-freeze, a size grillroom etc) but no nutrient. There are also BBQ installation. What are some thing we should have? (It’s only a 3 tomorrow, 2 dark visit and I do not privation to backhander the fund) We are both food eaters with no allergy. Best Answer:

Answer by rob lou
hot dog, land longhorn, steak, volaille bosom and repast meat, egg, cheeseflower, cracker, veggie (onion potatoes) breadstuff. (Rolls), of class foodstuff H2O frappachinos java ….. those would be commonweal antecedent humor and caramel is in there. just energy it up or chaser as is. (Convenience battalion of crucifer, acetate, pepper and catsup you whitethorn have already in your habitation)

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  1. Sunny A says:

    Hi Dream
    What an amazing coincidence, I’ve just returned from holidays in rented rooms where I got the idea of writing a cookery book precisely for such situations! Until it gets published 😉 here are a few ideas. For breakfast bring a jar of honey or jam and buy fresh bread and a tub of butter locally. You can also buy chicken or steaks fresh locally, so bring along salt and pepper and a few jars of your favourite herbs and spices for marinading, or a barbeque mix to sprinkle on before cooking. That should take care of one main meal a day. The other main meal could be something simple like pasta with a jar of ready made sauce one day, risotto another day (bring arborio rice, that may be a bit hard to find, but you can probably buy locally whatever you like to add to risotto such as mushrooms). A small bottle of olive oil, another of balsamic vinegar, will take care of salads (buy tomatoes and other veg locally) and you can use the oil to brush on the meat (maybe bring along a silicone brush) while grilling. It also makes a good cleanser and moisturiser! Bring along any sauces you like to add to foods, either while cooking (e.g. soy sauce) or eating (ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce etc) as these are expensive to buy for just three days.
    I hope you have a lovely holiday
    PS I just saw the other post when I submitted mine, of course they are right, bring coffee/tea/sugar etc, and water/wine/beer etc.

  2. JAN says:

    steaks, brats, burgers, boneless chicken breast, aluminum foil, plastic wrap and zip lock bags, Pam spray,seasonings, buns -brat and burger type, condiments, ready to eat fresh vegetable tray, fresh grapes and melon, baking potatoes, sour cream, cheddar cheese, paper towels, beverages

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