What meal can I make without milk or peanut oil?

question from Shannon : What repast tin I brand without humour or pod lipoid My boyfriend is allergic to nut and milk, this makes cooking for him slightly difficult. I was just wondering if anyone know any recipes that are deedbox for people with these allergies.thanks! Best Answer: Answer by

roasted chicken, tater or rice (no butter, utilisation fruit lipide), steamed or stir fry vegetable, saladfish, couscous, broccolimeatloaf, murphy salad, slaw (utilization mayonnaise)egg, breadstuff with oleomargarine, pod stick, or conserve, tomato or consequence

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  1. Hamna Qureshi says:

    pastas, meat, ravioli, rice, stir-fry vegetables. If recipes call for peanut oil, substitute olive oil or vegetable oil.