When baking something for someone with a serious nut allergy …?

question of Link17 : When shirring thing for individual with a serious seed allergy …?I’m splitting a dish in two portion … 1 nut free, and I with pecans … Can I bake the seed free portions of the dinner in the oven at the same time as the other one, or do I have to cook the nut free individually all together?They wont be devising any contact oven, but is there a happening of mixing things up in the fumes of the.Please provide sources. Best Answer:

Answer by Livvi
Why do not you call-back and ask this somebody? If I had a seed allergy in my household I would appreciate the cognition that thing they were feeding had been baked under these circumstance. This is nothing to goody lightly.Your response is leaving to cum from them … not any of us. For some peoples, this is a life or expiry allergy.Call them, please.

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6 Responses to “When baking something for someone with a serious nut allergy …?”

  1. Kare Bear says:

    Some people tend to have an allergic reaction in the presence of nuts even if they haven’t physically ingested them. I know it’s a pain, but I’d say better safe than sorry. It’s less work to cook the food separate than to have to call an ambulance. Or if you want to be doubly sure, just call the person and ask.

  2. Liz says:

    The fumes will not be a problem. Where you have to be careful is cross contamination from knives, spoons cutting boards and hands.

  3. ethereal_kitten2002 says:

    sure u can cook them in same oven together long as u dont spill one over the other i dont see a problem

  4. mark says:

    I would bake them separately. Not because of the fumes but because sometimes things can splatter and a tiny amount of the nut dish may get into the nut free one.
    I would only take this precaution because I have seen the severe reaction that a nut allergy can cause even in minute quantities. Better safe than sorry.

  5. MishiRN says:

    Nuts are one apart of the Major 8 Allergens, as deemed by the FDA. Nuts, in particular, are one of, if not the MOST allergenic. This is because they can ellicite anaphylaxis no only by actually ingesting, but also by cross contamination(same utensils, contaminated hands of the preparer, shared work surfaces, etc) AND they are an airborne allergen. This means that nuts have a protein that can be spread through the air, and if inhaled, can cause serious anaphylaxis!!! Coiple that with heating, and this makes for a very BAD situation. I speak form experience, because I cannot even be in the same room witih someone eating nuts, or I will have to have my Epi-Pen at the ready. When I fly on a airplane, I have to carry a special N-95 respirator mask, a seat cover, gloves, and go into full-on Decon mode and sanitize the entire area…yes, this looks extremely funny:), but it really sucks, and is truly a life and death situation. so, i beg you, PLEASE, do not prep these items in the same area, with the same tools, wash your hand thoroughly and/or wear gloves, and by all means, DO NOT bake together!! This may sound ridiculous to some, but for people like myself who have to live with this ailment(for which, contrary to popular belief, there is NO CURE, no magic pill that can be taken), it is the scariest thing to go into anaphylaxis and have a near-death expreience.
    I think it’s great that you are trying to be accomodating to your friend, as many people just brush it off and don’t even think into it as far as you have. If you are going to go through the trouble of prepping this meal for your friend, do it all the way; the right way:)

  6. Tim Anderson says:

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