A Guide To Healthy Cookware

Have you ever had a mouthful of dinner and immediately felt like you tasted more than just the food? The material that cookware is made out of can have a huge impact on the taste of the food.

The ions within food react with metallic and synthetic ions resulting in an altered taste. Healthy cookware is a range made out of materials that are best suited for cooking and baking because they are least reactive, or completely non-reactive. Below is a short guide to some of the best healthy cookware options.


Ceramic is one of the best cookware materials because it is completely non-reactive and creates an infrared heat. Many believe that this type of heat is the best, and most effective heat for cooking and baking as it exaggerates and brings out the natural flavors of the food. Ceramic cookware is especially good for baking or cooking something over a longer period of time, for example, if you are allowing something to simmer. These healthy cookware items are extremely useful, however unfortunately they are very easily broken, so you need to be extra careful!

Stainless Steel

Although it is a little reactive, stainless steel is the least reactive of all the metals. It is very versatile and can be used for pots, pans or bake ware, and it is one of the most popular healthy cookware options. You can also get stainless steel knives, which are fantastic extras in your kitchen.

Stainless steel pans are very common and you will usually find them in most kitchens. The only thing to be careful of is not to use scouring clothes or sponges when cleaning them because this will permanently damage the cookware. You should clean them with a soft sponge or cloth and if you have burnt food then you should add salt or detergent and let it soak for a day. It should then lift off naturally and easily without damaging the utensil.

Cast Iron

Cast iron pots are another fantastic healthy cookware option, although the use is a lot more specific. These pots are ideal for making pancakes or bread, but you should never use it to make hot liquid foods such as soup, as this will add a harsh iron taste to your meal.  Cast iron cookware can be very heavy so you should be careful when using it and transporting it.


Enamel is the term used to describe the fused glass layer overlaying light metal cookware. The layer acts as a guard and stops the ions from the food reacting with the metal, therefore resulting in better tasting food and healthy cookware. You can purchase enamel cookware with either 1 or 2 layers of enamel, and if it is correctly looked after, enamel cookware can last a lifetime. However, as soon as the enamel layer becomes chipped you should discard the item as it will affect the taste of your food.


In conclusion, to ensure the best tasting food possible it is essential that you invest in some healthy cookware. Overall, it is safer and will result in better tasting food, so why not invest in healthy cookware today?



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