Homes and allergies

There are many rooms within a home and one of the most frequently used of them is the kitchen. You will be preparing food here and this is an essential part of everyday life.  While most people will only think about the layout of their kitchen when they are designing it there are others that need to take into consideration medical conditions, such as being allergic to certain foods.

Allergies in the Home

There are more and more people who are suffering from allergies today and many will find that there are things in the home that can cause them. For some it might be pets, dust, mould or the use of certain chemicals. For others it can be the food that they are eating that can cause an allergic reaction.

If you are allergic to certain foods it is important that you do all you can to avoid them. While it is fine to look on the back of food packets to see what certain foods contain, there are issues in the kitchen that you need to think about also. When you are preparing food at home and there is someone who is allergic to a certain food type you have to be vigilant not to contaminate their food with yours. By doing this you will be keeping them healthy and preventing any trips to the hospital.

An Allergy Free Kitchen

If you are looking to have an allergy free kitchen you need to think mainly about the storage and preparation of various food items. For instance if you have someone in the home who is allergic to nuts you might want to try to ban them from the home altogether as they can lead to a serious problem. However, if you don’t want to go to these measures there are other things that you can do, such as:

Have a dedicated cupboard for items that can cause an allergic reaction. This will keep certain foods out of the reach of people who could be allergic to them. If you wish to use these foods you can, making sure that you carefully clean up after yourself so that you do not leave any traces of them behind. Think about using different chopping boards for foods that can cause an allergic reaction in individual. Doing this contamination will avoid any type of cross contamination which can cause allergic reactions.

Designing Your Kitchen

You will be able to plan your kitchen very much in the same way that anyone else would be able to, but you need to keep the above points in mind. Depending on the severity of the allergic reactions that the person with the allergy has you will have to make small or large changes. For instance if you are simply going to be using different chopping boards or cupboards you need to make space for them. When consulting with a kitchen designer, don’t forget to mention your concern about allergies when asking for a quote for a nice nobilia or German kitchen!

You should make sure that all of the work surface areas in your kitchen are clutter free which will help you to keep them clean without any fuss. This will make life much easier for you if you have been preparing any food that can cause an allergic reaction. Some people will opt for a separate fridge to keep certain items in if a person has a bad allergic reaction to various foods. These can be compact and kept away from the main fridge, should you wish to use one. However, if an allergic reaction is very bad it makes sense simply not to have the offending foods in the house. So when you are planning your kitchen design you can avoid allergies with a little forward thought about where various items will be kept.


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