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This Saved Me from Having to Pay to Get Help from an Expensive Massage Therapist

I spend a lot of hours sitting at a desk because I work at home. Often, work-at-home contractors spend more hours sitting at a desk than someone who is an employee in an office. This is typically by choice because you often cannot work for more than eight hours if you’re an employee for a […]

The Pests That We Keep

Bats. Rats. Roaches. The creepy crawlers of New York City come in many forms and go by many names. They’re a fact of life that many New Yorkers have to deal with. When a society has so many people living together in such density there’s going to be no way to avoid the attraction of […]

A Tree Can Cause a Lot of Damage

One of the first things I did after moving my mom into a smaller house was contact a company that handles tree removal in Brooklyn NY. There was a fairly large tree that was growing over her roof, and it just looked to be extremely dangerous. When she looked outside her living room window, she […]

Trying to Get Rid of Some Geese

I have a job as sort of the security guard at a large office complex. There are some sensitive things going on at some of these places, apparently software companies like to spy on one another from what the boss tells me. Most of the time my job is to check on everyone who goes […]