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Started to Renovate an Old Building

My boss took me down to this old building last week and asked me what I thought about the place. In fact I told him that the place stunk, and I mean it really stunk. He told me that he knew that, we were there to wait for some guys who had the job of […]

Netflix Customers Have Rights Too

I used to think that Netflix was the same no matter where I went. You’d think that you would be able to watch the same movies no matter where you are in the world but apparently the US Netflix isn’t exactly the same as everyone else’s Netflix. Due to Netflix’s licensing agreements that they make […]

Window Tinting Services in Hamilton

I have a new car or well it is not brand new or anything like that. But I have only had it for a few months now and so it still feels pretty new to me. It still has the new car smell, but of course, I am using air freshener’s that are supposed to […]

Brazilian Hair Bundles for a Weave for a First Date

I was going on a first date with a guy I met through my mom of all people. Sounds weird, but mom hit the nail on the head with this guy. I was just about devastated when she brought him out to the garden with me in shorts and a bandanna with no makeup on […]