Brazilian Hair Bundles for a Weave for a First Date

I was going on a first date with a guy I met through my mom of all people. Sounds weird, but mom hit the nail on the head with this guy. I was just about devastated when she brought him out to the garden with me in shorts and a bandanna with no makeup on working in the garden. Mom and I are great southern cooks, and we grow our own vegetables. I got a new dress, shoes and accessories for the date, and even went and got new Brazilian hair bundles to have my stylist lengthen my hair.

I admit that I had been a bit neglectful of my appearance after breaking up with my previous boyfriend a few months ago. It is depressing even when you know it is the right thing. I looked at my hands after meeting this new guy in the garden, and my nail polish was all flaking off. I noticed the skin on my hands could use a little TLC too. It felt kind of weird to have my mom introduce me, but she really is a good matchmaker. Every couple she has ever introduced is still together today. Some decades later.

She talked me into the new clothes and the Brazilian hair bundles. The man I met was dirty from working his garden too, so I was not so worried. When we met for dinner, we both mentioned how the other cleans up very well. Then we both mentioned how we like it that the other is not afraid of working in the soil either. After that, it was like we knew each other for years. Yes, my hair, makeup and clothes all looked great. He was impressive in his suit and shiny leather oxfords. He really did clean up well. That was a couple of months ago, and we are still going out together practically every day. And my weave is still holding up well too.

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