I Started My New Sales Job Recently

I have been traveling a whole lot since I got my new position with the firm. If I get to be really good at it I can make a lot of money, but that hinges upon whether or not I can make sales or not. I am taking over the territory from this really smooth guy from the mountains of North Carolina. He has this folksy charm and all the while he knows the score pretty well. Of course you want to show the client a good time, so you have to use Myfafo’s Restaurants guide and things like that to help you find the right place. I am really lucky that this guy is handing over his notebook. He has notes on all of his clients and the people he is trying to sell to who have not signed up. So if a person likes Chinese food, then I know that.If they hate Chinese food I know to find what they like.

The big thing is not to take this too far. You do not want to drink to excess, although a couple of beers is fine so long as you as you allow enough time before you get behind the wheel. A lot of people in this line of work use alcohol on the theory that the other guy will make a better target if you get him wasted. Of course you are a lot more likely to mess up if you have been drinking too much and that is something I want to avoid. In fact I try to arrange my schedule so that I do not have a lot of heavy drinkers one after the other. I am spending a lot of time behind the wheel of the company car and one DUI is going to be a big problem for me and my continued employment.

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