Netflix Customers Have Rights Too

I used to think that Netflix was the same no matter where I went. You’d think that you would be able to watch the same movies no matter where you are in the world but apparently the US Netflix isn’t exactly the same as everyone else’s Netflix. Due to Netflix’s licensing agreements that they make with the studios who produce and publish the content they are restricted by their demands and costs for regional access. I imagine that it’s cheaper for Netflix to release the content in waves in different regions but for travellers like myself it can be a serious pain.

I should be able to watch what I want wherever I am. I pay for the account, right? I give them plenty of money every year to make sure that this happens. It’s absolutely ridiculous! I’d almost be willing to pay an extra amount to gain access to content regardless of where I am. The studios that are responsible for this are the real enemy of the common consumers; we should have more rights to the content that we’re actually paying for. Instead, they would see all of our rights taken away so they can continue to capitalize on the content.

This is what happens when we give businesses this much power. It’s not right. They lobby Congress against our wishes – we’re their customers but they want us to be properly controlled in predictable manners. Hopefully Netflix will lobby for the consumers; it’s not a surprise at all that they have been forced to begin creating their own content in the face of rising costs for the licenses. Netflix users number in the millions and it’s because of us that cable subscriptions are on the downward trend. Give us what we want and everyone will be happier for it

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