From Motivation to an Idea

I was dragged to the seminar of a motivational speaker by a friend who received tickets to go. Motivational speakers seemed like a waste of time to me, but my friend really liked listening to them, because they made him feel like he can do anything. The speaker talked about how anyone had the potential to run their own business. As I listened to the speaker, I wanted to start my own business. I came up with the idea of creating custom jigsaw puzzles. I thought of everything, down to even using a pay stub generator to make neat little stubs with jigsaw puzzle imprints on them.

In order to make a custom jigsaw puzzle, first you need a picture to go on the puzzle. A puzzle with blank pieces is no fun to anyone, because there’s nothing to really work for except a brown rectangle. Pictures of animals, famous landmarks, and even actors are common for jigsaw puzzles, but ones with a customer chosen picture offer a more personal touch. One man had a picture of him and his wife turned into a jigsaw puzzle to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. He requested a large puzzle, so the puzzle may take another 50 years just to complete.

Since the pay stubs do have the puzzle imprint, they can be cut up and turned into jigsaw puzzles themselves when they are no longer needed by the customer. It’s not necessary, but it adds a nice touch. Around the holidays, I send out Christmas card jigsaw puzzles to all of the customers who have bought a puzzle from me during the year. I think it’s a more creative form of advertising than sending out refrigerator magnets, because it reminds the users of what the business is about by having them interact with the product that is primarily made by the business.

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