We Had to Get a New Place

There was not much surprise when the notice came. The landlord has been trying to get rid of every one of the tenants for some time. He is not the one who owned the place when we moved in. Instead his intention was not ever to maintain the building in it’s current condition. I would guess he is going to sell it to someone who will build a big residential tower. At any rate we have a few weeks to find a new place to live and get some movers in Singapore to take our stuff there. It is going to be easier than that because we are not really surprised as I said. I have been getting ready for it by selling off a few things that we do not really need and giving away some other stuff. We have been doing the leg work to figure out where we can move.

I am really going to want to find some place close, because where we are now is really close to where I work. I can roll out of bed, jump in the shower, grab some breakfast and then get to the office door in less than 20 minutes on a good day. Obviously that is a pretty good feat in a crowded city where you can spend ten minutes trying to cross the street on a bad day. It would be pretty bad by comparison if you had an hour or so instead, which is not very uncommon. I know a couple of guys who ride the bus all of the way across the city to get to the office. They can spend an hour and a half crossing Singapore with no real serious delays. That is just something they do every single day of the week.

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