Excellent Information About Cyber Monday Deals

I needed to learn more about Cyber Monday 2017 laptop deals because I run a business where people work on commission along with bonuses. Oftentimes the bonus is solely a cash payment, but sometimes we give the best performers other items. There is a lot of joking around about that movie where the second prize are steak knives and how coffee is for closers, but it’s all in jest. No one gets cut off here if they’re making an effort and moving the product. We just like to mix things up and sometimes offer products as a reward.

When we offer products, it’s often things that can make our employees more productive. Usually these awards are various tech devices. We figure if we can give people smart phones and laptops that are the most up to date products, they’ll use them to perform their jobs better. With the end of the year and the end of the fourth quarter approaching, we decided to buy a bunch of laptops to hand out to the top performers. Now we could just go out and buy all of them and pay top dollar, but that would cost a lot of money.

I knew about Cyber Monday, which is a shopping day that is quickly approaching the importance of Black Friday in sales. It’s a day where people all over the world can get great deals on tech products. I found a site online that breaks it all down, with information about deals in previous years and who is selling what. It’s really incredible how much you can save on a top notch laptop if you’re willing to wait for this selling date. My estimations based on the information on the site tells me the company can save thousands if we wait to buy on this day. I’m sure everyone will be happy this year!

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