I Found This Hacking Chatroom

The other day I was wandering around on the internet and I ran into this chat room where people were talking about a lot of things that were really not on the up and up. Some of it was nefarious and some of it just seemed silly. For example one thing they were talking about was an app to hack instagram, I suppose so that you could look at the private accounts of people who did not want to have you looking at their pictures. I suppose that you might find some stuff that was in some way interesting, but it hardly seems to be worth the effort to me. If you want to see girls who are not wearing their clothes, that is about ninety percent of the internet. It might be more than that, but the point is that this is not something that is very difficult to find. The harder thing would be to completely avoid it to be honest.

At any rate I decided to try this, but I did not do anything that would be illegal with it. I just set up an account on instagram and tried to see if I could use the hack to get in it. It was not exactly as simple as they claimed it would be, which may have been my fault. However in the end I did get in it. I would have been too afraid of getting caught to use it on a real intrusion though. It just seems like an incredibly lame thing to do if you ask me. It would be an even lamer reason for you to get in any sort of trouble, even if it was just trivial. I certainly would not ever want people finding out that I had tried to invade someone’s privacy.

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