Sharing the Gift of Education

During my years in school, I had to do a lot of math work, and I always hated it. The problems seemed simple enough when we were doing them in class, but once I got home, the difficulty increased. My friends and I had to get together to figure out what to do. Years later, I came up with a website idea to help students solve math problems by conversing with each other from all over the world. To help the site grow, I used a marketing company in Toronto. They came up with some great ideas to get people interested in the website.

The key component of the website is having people exchange their ideas. Without people posting about their math problems and the solutions they used, the site essentially falls apart, because everyone would be left without any way to solve their problems. That’s why it was important for me to get as many people on the website in the initial launch of it. The marketing company did everything they could to draw up the number of people using the site. They were able to make it so that my website would be in the top 10 results whenever anyone searched for help with math problems.

The website was off to a flying start, and as the new school season began, people were coming in with all kinds of problems that needed solving. People didn’t just give the answers to the questions, they gave detailed instructions about how they arrived at the answer, which was nice to see. I didn’t think anyone would bother to go that much into detail. I guess everyone realized that they would have to eventually know how to do the problems for tests and quizzes, so a detailed solution was the best option.

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