It Took Me Awhile to Come Up with a Career Plan

I felt that not many things in life were interesting. I had a few hobbies that I liked, but it was irritating that the adults in my life kept pushing me toward figuring out what to do in life when I had no idea what I should be doing. I liked music, playing ball and hanging out with my friends. That was about it. Then one day, a friend invited me to spend time with him at a music studio. That was the very day that I decided I was interested in music production school as a life-long career. My parents thought that was great, but they were leery of whether I personally had the tenacity to stick with it. I wanted to prove them wrong.

My buddies and I had always enjoyed going to concerts. I am the one who was always buying books and magazines that focused on bands and songs. I would analyze them and then come up with my own songs and beats. But even though I did that, it never connected in my mind that I should do it for a living. My parents sometimes tried to push me in that direction, but I always pushed back. I know that they were very worried for me. I love sports, but you can’t make a living out of that if you’re not very good. I was not very good. And you cannot make money from hanging out with your friends, even though that is a lot of fun.

When my friend invited me to a music studio, it was because he was laying down some tracks for a new album. He had been singing for years, but I had not spent all that much time with him before and had no idea he had just landed a contract. But that day was life changing for me. I analyzed what the sound engineers were doing, and realized I understood much of it by intuition. I signed up for classes the next day!

We Had to Get a New Place

There was not much surprise when the notice came. The landlord has been trying to get rid of every one of the tenants for some time. He is not the one who owned the place when we moved in. Instead his intention was not ever to maintain the building in it’s current condition. I would guess he is going to sell it to someone who will build a big residential tower. At any rate we have a few weeks to find a new place to live and get some movers in Singapore to take our stuff there. It is going to be easier than that because we are not really surprised as I said.

Online Migration Information for Australia

I need to find a new country and I am wondering how hard it would be for me to migrate to Australia, because that is a country that I have always liked and I have never visited it before, but I do actually have a few friends that live there. One of my friends from high school decided to go to law school in Australia, and he stayed there after he got his law degree. I am mostly interested in finding a new country to live in because I am quite frankly kind of embarrassed to live in this country, which is magnified by the current election cycle.

It is baffling to me that we could find ourselves in a place where both major parties have unpalatable candidates running for election. Although, I think one choice is clearly orders of magnitude better than the other, neither choice is a very good one, and I just want to leave the country. I don’t think things are going to get any better on a political front, and the media is largely to blame for what is happening to how people view politics in this country. Anyway,I don’t want to talk too much on that subject because it is going to get me worked up, and I am trying to do some thinking right now.

I want to read more about Australia, and obviously I need to learn more about the migration policies. I have heard int he past that is kind of a hard place to migrate to and that becoming a citizen there is even harder. But I am going to give it a shot I think, because it would be a great place to live and I think I would be a lot happier there than I am where I live now.

Making an Upgrade in Housing in Singapore

We have been looking at condo brochures for a long time. We have lived in an apartment now for about four years. We have a baby on the way, and we want to purchase a condo with at least two bedrooms. We are seriously considering three bedrooms. We have the money to do it, but we are also looking forward to an early retirement. We have not decided on two or three bedrooms, but we have decided to buy a condo at Lake Grande. This was the one condo project brochure that really caught the attention of both of us. My wife and I cannot stop looking over the brochure. We put in our initial interest application online, and we are now just waiting to finalize the paperwork.

From Motivation to an Idea

I was dragged to the seminar of a motivational speaker by a friend who received tickets to go. Motivational speakers seemed like a waste of time to me, but my friend really liked listening to them, because they made him feel like he can do anything. The speaker talked about how anyone had the potential to run their own business. As I listened to the speaker, I wanted to start my own business. I came up with the idea of creating custom jigsaw puzzles. I thought of everything, down to even using a pay stub generator to make neat little stubs with jigsaw puzzle imprints on them.

In order to make a custom jigsaw puzzle, first you need a picture to go on the puzzle. A puzzle with blank pieces is no fun to anyone, because there’s nothing to really work for except a brown rectangle. Pictures of animals, famous landmarks, and even actors are common for jigsaw puzzles, but ones with a customer chosen picture offer a more personal touch. One man had a picture of him and his wife turned into a jigsaw puzzle to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.