Can I substitute alternative flour for cooking turkey in bag?

Frage von indiechick: Can I replacement choice foodstuff for cookery turkey in container?
Has anyone ever cooked turkey in the bag? I wanted to cook my Christmas Turkey in a bag this year, but then when I went to put it in there, I looked at the directions and it said to option flour in it to hedging sticking. I have a severe durum allergy, so obviously I didn’t have any flour and prepare it that way, but I wasn’t sure if I could replacement cereal flour or maize starch for the flour next year. Does anyone have any idea?

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Answer by Nikki P
I would not put foodstuff in the bag. Just omit it. If it stick no big trade, mean the struggling wasn’t leaving to be crisp and soggy, limp turkey skin is 144 and you wouldn’t eat it any way.Besides if you listen to the “expert” you shouldn’t eat the skin anyway cuz that is where all the fat is. But what do they know….that’s 1 of the endeavor portion!

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2 Responses to “Can I substitute alternative flour for cooking turkey in bag?”

  1. Marlene says:

    I’ve use cooking bags all the time for my Turkey and have never had a problem. I don’t know why you need flour at all. What I do is put a couple cups of water in the bag, cut up some onions and add that, then throw in a chicken boullion cube in there. Once you close the bag and put your few little holes in the top, your Turkey will be the best ever. It gets nice and brown and stays juicy. They probably only put the flour in there to make the gravy.

  2. Sugar Pie says:

    The flour is in there so the bag won’t explode. Frankly, I’m not quite sure why it works, but I’ve never had oen explode on me and I always put flour in. Thickens the gravy, too.

    But I would think cornstarch or arrowroot powder would work, too. Keep an eye on the bag and if it gets too inflated, make the vent hole bigger.