Can I substitute turkey for alternative flour cooked in the bag?

question of indie chick : Can I replacement turkey for option foodstuff cooked in the container ?Has anyone ever cooked turkey in the captured? I want to cook my Christmas Turkey in a container this year, but then when I move to put it in there, I looked at the directions and it say to put flour in it. I have a severe wheat allergy, so obviously I did not have any flour and could not prepare it that way, but I was not sure if I could replacement rice foodstuff or maize starch flour for the next year. Does anyone have whatever ideas? Best Answer: Answer by

Adimz small chicken or Cornish
Get contest hens, and attempt putout different formula on those throughout the yr until next Christmas and fig putout what taste the effort. And attempt to choice size 1, so you do not cognisance badness throwing it putout if it does not smack access. Every cook effort and learns through fault. Trust me I gaoler around in the kitchen a sight and that’s how I discovery putout what taste commonweal for the holiday.

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2 Responses to “Can I substitute turkey for alternative flour cooked in the bag?”

  1. Rab says:

    Hi Indiechick, I would just leave the flour out altogether. Have you tried roasting it without using a bag and just covering it with tinfoil. I hope this helps,all the best.Rab

  2. hummingbird_bmw_2002 says:

    I never put flour in the bag with my turkey.