Carob: How can I use it at home as a substitute for chocolate recipes?

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question by Middy S : Carob: How tin I employment it at place as a replacement for cocoa recipe Got an allergy to chocolate, and wondered how I tin buy bulk algarroba to use shirring sort chocolate chips, and carob tin I melt like cocoa to exercise in recipies that require the food item to be dipped in cocoa, I’d care to try dipping instead in algarroba.Any resources for purchasing and cooking with carob as a chocolate substitute? Best Answer: Answer by

Carob powder is used whenever a recipe call for chocolate or cocoa. To replace algarroba for cocoa, simply use the same make of carob. To replace chocolate with algarroba, use approximately III tablespoons of algarroba powder for each square of chocolate that the formula calls for.

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  1. audioworld says:

    accord to the health food store, you can melt carob chip–or you can make them in carob chip (chocolate chip) cookies

    they taste similar to semi sweet chocolate, you may need to add sugar or sweetener

  2. :-o says:

    A resource, take a look at the following –