Does cooking raw juices destroy the nutritional value?

Frage von Wesley D L: Does cooking raw juices destroy the nutritional value?
We just got a new juicer and my boyfriend made some fresh apple juice. However, I am allergic to raw apples because of Oral Allergy Syndryome, but tin eat them when they are cooked. Does microwaving and/or cooking the fresh apple juice destroy all the nutritional value of the natural, fresh apples?

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Answer by BigPappa
It destroys, not so much nutritional value, as living enzymes. It “kills” (technically denatures) a lot of the good stuff.

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3 Responses to “Does cooking raw juices destroy the nutritional value?”

  1. skooter says:

    Yes, it kills all the living enzymes. Which is why you are juicing which I think is a waste. You don’t get to eat the pulp or the fiber from the vegetables and the fruit you put through the juicer so I am not so impressed with the concept. My Mother juiced all her life and died of colon cancer. (tumor) She would have been better off eating more of the pulp and fiber.
    She juiced everyday!

    God Gave you Teeth!

    Just make sure that you wash your fruit with soap and your vegetables soak them in water several different times. They drink it up and you will notice a difference in the way they taste, especially lettuce and celery and other greens. Also take off the outer layer. Onions, wash them good in water. Bell Peppers have wax on them, get it off. Oranges are dyed.

    PS He is using apple to sweeten the juice. You use celery as a fluid. You can use other fruit to sweeten. Pineapple, papaya, anything.

  2. juzi says:

    yes, you also cook out a lot of vitamins

  3. mickey says:

    it destroys some, but not all. but if you have no other choice then you’ll just have to get more vitamins from other fresh fruits and veggies that you can eat raw.