Food allergy question and meals?

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question of cook grill : Food allergy query and meal I simply found putout my stepson is allergic to onions. They whole family is coming over for Thanksgiving, and everything I cook Involves onions! Aside from leaving them out of the stuffing, what else tin I brand? That’s caring someone telling me not to use garlic!Oh, and I do not need recipe, equitable ideas. Best Answer:

Answer by Hooge
Make everything as you would before, but do not include onion in thing. Maybe bulb pulverisation instead would lavation, unless that set off severe allergic reaction as excavation.

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  1. pinduck85 says:

    Do as the first answerer suggested — don’t put onions into anything you’re cooking. However, you could perhaps grill/saute/cook some onions separately and set it out as a separate dish. This way, people who like onions can spoon then over their meal as they wish.