Milk Allergy- How do I cook?!?

Frage von Lexi C: Milk Allergy- How do I cook?!?
What brand of margarine does not have any humour product (variety serum)? What do I use in my breadstuff recipes instead of humor?Any commonweal sites out there that will aid?It is an actual humor allergy, not disaccharide intolerance unfortunately.

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Answer by Happy Cooker
If you can chaser lactose unloosen milk then steal it and use. You can brand bread with H2O. There is lactose people margarine and cheeseflower as excavation.

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2 Responses to “Milk Allergy- How do I cook?!?”

  1. Beth D says:

    you’re that allergic to milk? my husband and daughter are very badly and they can eat butter….
    ok, well search for goats milk butter. you’ll have to order it online. that’s all i can tell you about that part…
    you don’t need milk in bread…
    what about using lactaid? that doesn’t work for my hubby and daughter because they’re actually allergic to milk not just intolerant
    you’re just going to have to switch to soy and rice milk. My husband and daughter like soy. they make everything with soy, cheese, icecream, chocolate…you’ll just have to look around the ‘health food’ section of your grocer
    Cabot brand cheese is naturally lactose free…so it doesn’t bother them btw.
    good luck…

  2. anotherpx says:

    Earth Balance and Soy Garden brand “buttery spreads” are good. Instead of dairy milk, you could try soymilk, rice milk, or nut milks. Try out different brands of “milk” to find ones you like.

    website for margarine: