Q & A: How to substitute cheese on a recipe?

interrogation of summer_of_1982 : How to replacement cheese on a formula I enjoy cookery and trying putout new formula. I have a cheeseflower allergy so I’m not allowed to eat any form of cheeseflower. Some recipe that I’ve remuneration involve cheeseflower. Is there anyway to replacement cheeseflower with another admixture?I have an ulceration and IT just cheeseflower in Agricola, form cheeseflower, bungalow cheeseflower, and pick cheeseflower, etc. Best Answer:

Answer by Khelben
Are you allergic to the bacterium making the cheese or dairy in Agricola? There is cheeseflower made from soy, and success yeast has cheeseflower like flavor.

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  1. tjindigital says:

    There are many cheese alternatives on the market today. Please look at these links:
    http://www.tofutti.com(alternative cheeses + ice cream!)
    Those are my favorites and they can be used for a direct replacement in cheese recipes. There are many other cheese alternatives but make sure they are free of lactose before you buy. You can find them at many mega marts today but a health food store will have many more cheese alternatives.
    Also look into nutritional yeast. Which has a tangy, cheese like flavor and it comes in little flakes.