Q & A: Is it allergy season or what?

inquiry of Carla Rossi : Is it allergy season or what It is allergy period and I tend to not to enjoy what I cook/eat— I am not so sure what make me cognisance bettor period — Do certain nutrient lever allergy in this? Best Answer:

Answer by Dan
I do not think its nutrient, its the “flower”. The “spring allergy” and the flowers blooming …—

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  1. Master of My Own Remote Control! says:

    I am a fellow allergy suffering cook! I totally understand where you are coming from, and recommend eating spicy foods (straight peppers if you can handle that), or treating it with a variety of wonderful natural “super foods”. Spicy food will clear your sinuses out better than most prescribed things, but if you cannot go there you can consume “super foods” along with Claritan D-12 hr./Zyrtec/etc.

    I will post a list tomorrow, as well as other remedies. But, you are correct in that when our sinuses are not in good health, we do not enjoy our foods as we normally would.