Q & A: What are easy dinners to make when you’re in a rush?

inquiry of Mel : What are easy dinners to make when you’re in a rush I am so busy, I demand aid in the preparation section. No nutrient allergy, adoration to eat! Best Answer: Answer by


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7 Responses to “Q & A: What are easy dinners to make when you’re in a rush?”

  1. whyteangel says:

    check out recipes for slow cookers i have been putting alot of my meats in a slower cook and they have turned out really good gives you a little more time to do with it is cooking tonight i am making bbq ribs in my slow cooking been cooking all day now i just need 15 mins or less to make the sides and that is it

  2. Kimberly says:

    Simply and easy…. I am cooking soft tacos tonight.
    1 lb. hamburger
    1 pkg. of taco seasoning
    1 pkg. flour tortilla
    1 chopped onion
    Shredded lettuce
    1 chopped tomato
    1 slice avocado
    shredded cheese
    Taco sauce
    Sour Cream

    Follow the directions on the taco seasoning. Either heat up the tortillas or fry. Place all the above in the tortilla and enjoy

  3. malik baker says:

    a microwave dinner

  4. Karen M says:

    Campbells Chicken and Rice.

    I just put it together and am now blissfully back in front of the PC in full veg. mode.


  5. RSJ says:

    I find the easiest is a salad. I usually have some leftover chicken to add to it. We always have the pre-washed salad greens at the house. I also found a lot of good recipes at campbells.com. Some are a little bland, but most are good. Most of them are less than 30mins. All of them are simple. I have it set up to where they send me email recipes. That makes it super easy. And there’s tons of great slow cooker recipes at Taste of Home.

  6. angel_alexa90 says:

    On-the-Go Turkey sandwhich

    You will need: whole wheat bread, smoked turkey, mayo, lettuce, and tomatoes

    put a layer of turkey on a slice of whole wheat bread add some mayo ( miracle whip is a good choice ) washed lettuce and a couple slices of tomatoes and another slice of bread

    this will last you through lunch and snack possible

    A breakfast Fit for a Fit King

    You will need: Lite Coolwhip ( or low fat vanilla yogurt ), fruit, whole wheat toast, an egg, etc.

    1) fry the egg with some garlic powder, salt, pepper, some cheese and ham
    2) take a cup and mix your cut fruit with the yogurt or lite cool whip
    3) put the omelet on your toast
    4) enjoy!

    PS I know you wanted dinners but I thought these might help too.

    Dinner ala mode

    You will need: White Rice, white or yellow gravy sauce ( not brown! ) boiled chicken skinless and bonless, vegetables ( carrots, celery, corn, brocolli )

    1) boil or steam your rice
    2) make the gravy and mix with the chicken and vegetables
    3) pour the gravy and chicken over rice and eat

    also check out more recipies on kraft.com

  7. hoganccc103 says:

    cook something quick like something microwaveable
    white castle burgers

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