Q & A: What’s a good substitue for milk?

question of S.grl : What’s a commonweal substitue for humour My brother has an allergy for dairy products, and I love cooking for him. Are there any good substitution for humour and cream that turn into muffins, pancakes, brownies and inactive taste good? Best Answer:

Answer by Amara
utilisation LACTAID disaccharide intolerant humour. It taste just as commonweal as imaginary humour.

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12 Responses to “Q & A: What’s a good substitue for milk?”

  1. momof2 says:

    Lactaid in the dairy case

  2. Chef Nasty says:

    sure, there are substitions, but one that “still taste good” I’d have to say no, sorry. dairy allergies are too bad.

  3. barbara says:

    You can use water or soymilk.

  4. elflocks62 says:

    Soya milk, rice milk , almond milk. Most grociery stores sell at least one of these

  5. Bre1025 says:

    You can use soy milk. They have plain and flavored. Sometimes I use vanilla flavored when I’m baking. I use plain when I make stuff like mac n cheese.

  6. Barice says:

    We use oat milk at our house. Has a nicer flavour than soy milk and I have no problems with the kids using it on their cereals etc. Even good for milkshakes.
    You will probably find it in the health food section at Coles or Woolies.

  7. vindvin says:

    soy milk is a product of soy beans

  8. i_didnt_do_it_16 says:

    Depending on his allergies I would recommend Soy Milk or RBgH free milk, RBgH free milk is an extra additive injected into cows to help them produce more milk, this is harmful to the cows and you causing an allergic reaction so he maybe be allergic to RBgH instead of the milk itself, There have also been links to Cancer and Children Maturing faster in Canada and the UK. To learn about RBgH go to http://www.oberweisdairy.com

  9. breurather1901 says:

    you could try “silk” which is the milk from Soybeans….
    im not sure how it tasts though,
    i’ve seen it in almost ever supermarket, and a little more expensive then dairy milk,

    hope it works out for you and your bro!

  10. RottenDog says:

    Is he actually allergic or just lactose intolerant? If it’s just lactose, you can use lactaid. If he’s allergic, try soy milk, but make sure he’s not allergic to that too as soy allergies are not uncommon, and can be serious.

  11. saltydunes24 says:

    most people can tolerate dog milk

    find a golden retriever that’s nursing and milk her

  12. slew says:

    He might be able to drink goats milk. If not try almond milk, soy milk or rice milk.

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