Question: My mouth is itchy from fresh pineapple, can i freeze it or cook it somehow to remove the itchyness from it?

enquiry from I worship fresh pineapple : My mouth is itchy from fresh pineapple, tin i freeze it or cook it somehow to remove the itchyness from it I just Ate my former fresh pineapple it was sooo tasty! but .. nowadays my hole is all itchy and IT sooo vexation I belive i have allergy to it, but i tin eat canned pineapple. I was wondering how do i pineapple Prep A properly for feeding? Can I freezing it to distance the itch? or do i demand to cook it somehow? Best Answer:

Answer by Andromeda Newton ™
Mine does exactly the Saame! it’s the excess acid! anyway just cook it in slices in a pan with a little stick and copse with BBQ sauce. It might sound odd but i always do this with my pineapple and it works achiever on bbq’s in the summer!

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7 Responses to “Question: My mouth is itchy from fresh pineapple, can i freeze it or cook it somehow to remove the itchyness from it?”

  1. Angie T says:

    Did you cut the hard piece in the middle, that seems to be what upsets most people,If you can eat canned it should’nt be a problem. Try cutting that hard piece off and see what happens.You can cook pineapple but it’s tastier fresh.

  2. Kate says:

    mine does too when I eat pineapple I think it’s the acid even I freeze and it eat it tell itchy, anyway try to cook with something..

  3. alexiscarls says:

    Simple. Just wash the cut pineapple with salt…

  4. jazz says:

    oh my God . Its gud to know someone else has the same problem with fresh pineapples. I have stayed away from pineapples for the past 20 years coze of the itching. Even seeing slices of fresh pineapple gives me goose bumps. I would love to eat it fresh so i will follow up on the answers you get.
    Sorry could not be of any help to you but you have certainly been of help to me.

  5. Marquel says:

    Its be pineapple is a great astringent and also purifies your body, thats why you get itchy… I used to be like that but not anymore… I cleaned my body. But to answer your question, yes you can cook it or try doing pinapple juice, put in blender pineapple and water… if you like it sweet add sugar… mmmm

    If you freeze it still will have many of the properties so cooking or salting or blending.

  6. theanna2000 says:

    You probably have a sensitivity to citric acid. So do I. Orange juice even bothers me. I’m not sure cooking it will change the citric acid content. I just don’t eat as much as I normally would at one time.

  7. MishiRN says:

    Guys…this is really weird. This is an allergy-ish site, and no one is suggesting the big-a$$ purple elephant answer…AVOID IT!!! You probably have an allergy to pineapples!! Just because you haven’t had an anaphylactic reaction yet, doesn’t mean anything! Each exposure cause your body to produce more antibodies to the “offender,” pineapple. you might have been relatively fine so far, but you never know when your body’s antibodies have built up their little army, and your reaction goes form itchy mouth to being rushed to the ER! Thats exactly what happened to me with nuts…and I was able to eat them for 26 yrs of my life before that happened! Please be careful…everyone here who has expressed similar issues with pineapple, and take a trip to your allergist for an allergy test!

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