The Chocolate Chip Cookie- Great Food Allergy Substitutions

The Toll House cookie was developed by Ruth Westfield, the owner of the Toll House Inn and a dietician. Using bakers’s chocolate alternatively of the ingredient named for in the recipe, she merely chopped the chocolate bar and added it to the recipe. The chocolate was supposed to run, but alternatively stayed in little nuggets; what she made turned away to be our first chocolate chip cookie. Nestle wished the idea and a partnership was borne.

Who doesn’t love a good chocolate chip cookie? There are many, many variations on the original, from a sheet cake version to cookie dough ice cream. Each recipe is based on a set list of ingredients which includes butter, eggs and flour. For people with various allergies or food sensitivities, like Celiac Disease (a gluten-based allergy) the recipe requires significant modification. For people who know how to make the right substitutions it’s possible to create a wonderful chocolate chip cookie anyone tin enjoy. Every cook book and recipe site on the internet probably has a chocolate chip cookie recipe.  And most of the gluten-complimentary sites will hook a modified recipe as good; we truly don’t desire to infect up our love of chocolate.

If you love chocolate then you may have already found one of the many safe chocolate chips on the market. Manufacturers have developed dairy and gluten-free versions allowing anyone to find the best substitutions for their best chocolate chip cookie recipe.

There is a website for celiac and other food allergies which specializing in offering excellent recipes, for complete 200 different foods. The Cook It Allergy Free iPad/iPhone App helps those with allergies choose the best substitutions for recipes. Using sound nutrition and experience, the recipes offer customizing features for several types of food allergens. The app will keep the new recipe for reuse as swell as making a shopping list.

For example, you may be prompted to use gluten free flower as a substitute for a wheat flour or look at options for eggs. The app offers suggestions for each possible food allergen. And there are tips for allergy free cooking and the use of substitutions for users. The Cook It Allergy Free app let families to enjoy traditional recipes, safely and easily.  Even the all time favorite, the chocolate chip cookie.

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