What are some easy recipes for an inexperienced cook?

interrogation of IRIDE : What are some easy recipes for an inexperienced cook ?I’m life on my own for the former clip and am tired of purchasing microwave dinner and feeding turkey sandwich.I knowing how to cook:biscuit and gravyfried chickentacosmacaroniand an elite other herb thing …What are some other easy thing to cook?So, I have a mild protein allergy. I pic eat some bread, but for the most portion endeavor to avoid it. But other than that I am clear to all suggestion.Oh, I also do not have a grillroom, so I’m express to broiler and range.Thanks! Best Answer:

Answer by Tom ツ
Sloppy TomsTom Turkey Sloppy Joes makes traditional tilt and deliciousIngredients1 spoon veggie oil1 lb. land turkey1 vehicle discoloured onion, skinned and chopped fine1 / 2 cupful attempt-quality ketchup1 / 2 cupful attempt-appearance chili sauce2 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce1 teaspoon coarse saltfreshly cracked black pepper1 / 3 cupful water6 Gluten-people sesame fruit hamburger roll topped, warmedMethodBrush a frypan with lipide and heat maiden moderate energy, 30 second. Add turkey and bulb and sauté 10 minutes, stir frequently. Add all remaining ingredients [except buns] and temperature, uncovered, 10 Min. Spoon metal between bottle bun and service immediately.

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4 Responses to “What are some easy recipes for an inexperienced cook?”

  1. Trueman The One says:

    you didnt mentioned what exactly you are looking for?
    i mean chicken, meat, fist veggie ……
    but anyways, you dont need to be an expert
    cause its always the first time.
    give it a try on any of mentioned on the link, am quite sure you wont be disappointed.

  2. KdV says:

    Pork Medallians in a Honey and Balsamic Vinegar reduction: (sounds fancy but really easy)
    Roast a pork fillet covered with a bit of garlic and rosamary until almost cooked. Prick it with a knife to see if it is still bloody.
    Mix honey, balsamic vinegar and a little brown sugar in a bowl.
    Cut pork fillet into slices and toss into the sauce.
    Place the pork into a frying pan with a sprinkle of olive oil and fry until sauce has formed a glaze on the pork.
    Your pan will be covered with the honey balsamic reduction – put a bit of hot water into the pan while it is still hot to make a sticky sauce and pour this over your rice.
    I didnt use any specific measurements – mix to your taste.

  3. Momma Cyn says:

    I sugget you go to a place like 1/2 price book stores (or one that sells used books in good condition) and buy yourself a basic cookbook like Betty Crocker or Good Housekeeping. You can learn a lot from their down-to-earth recipes. The nice thing is that the recipes are all tested and good. Most recipes are also listed step by step.

  4. Mellow-knee says:

    chili 3 way:

    shredded cheese

    quesadilas: my favorite is pizza quesadila
    -rub a small layer of tomato paste on on tortilla shell, place this shell in pan on med heat (tomato paste is easier to spread and doesnt make a mess in comparison to sauces and tastes the same)
    -placed cooked pepperonis on top of tomato paste (you can cook them in microwave on a paper towel, remove the grease)
    -put a good amount of shredded mozarella cheese on top and cover with another shell
    -flip when the cooked side turns golden brown

    cheese quesadila:
    spray 2 shells with Pam (or substitute a dif brand) sprinkle taco seasoning on the spray sides then put one in a pan on med heat and add the ingredients you want and include cheese then top with remaining chell

    pasta con broccoli:
    -cook pasta
    -heat alfredo sauce
    -steam broccoli

    chicken parmesan:
    -cook pasta
    -bake chicken
    -take a bowl or plate, place pasta on it with chicken on top of that, add spaghetti sauce and put cheese on top and microwave until cheese is melted

    check out the website for “food and family” they have a lot of options for you with 5 ingredients or less

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