What can be used in place of butter/marg when cooking?

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von mia3mom

Frage von ktsgrl2: What can be used in place of butter/marg when cooking?
I have developed an allergy to dairy products. And am looking for some new ideas for replacing dairy in my cooking.

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Answer by venom
well it dependeds on what you are makeing some things come out great with butter/marg and some you mtght have to use oil

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5 Responses to “What can be used in place of butter/marg when cooking?”

  1. Karen says:

    You can use an olive oil spray from an aerosal can (Pam has this variety) or jusy plain old Olive Oil. I often use water instead to cut down calories, but whichever your preference, all should work well.

  2. Calina says:

    You can try different oils and shortening

    You can look for non dairy butter flavor products to help add the buttery type flavor.

    Try putting these key words in your search engine: non dairy butter shortening. It will lead to some possible products.

  3. ShyVyolett says:

    Using olive oil is a good replacement. Good for your heart

  4. barbara says:

    Olive oil,corn oil,canola oil,sesame oil,peanut oil,walnut oil,vegetable shortening,lard…and many margarines have not a trace of dairy in them, although I don’t recommend margarine for cooking.

  5. Agnes Cseke says: