What do you cook in the summer on a hot day?

query of rusha1982 : What do you cook in the summer on a hot tomorrow ?I do not have a barbeque – if I did, I would cook on that. And I tin not eat bottom-dweller (allergy). Otherwise, I am clear for any other option!I do spaghetti dish, quesadillas, sandwich, salad and wrap. Just look for other idea …. Best Answer:

Answer by G Girl
I personally love macaroni salad.You tin make hot dogs inside too by boiling water so you can always try that.Other than that, why not endeavor some homemade popsicles (love <3)

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5 Responses to “What do you cook in the summer on a hot day?”

  1. Kryn37 says:

    what about … like a chicken taco??? with fresh salsa .. yummmm 🙂

  2. Michaela B says:

    I would cook some chicken on the stove!!! Very yummy!!!!

  3. gamerchick89 says:

    I pan fry my hotdogs! I dont have a bbq either and the hotdogs get burned a little still giving me that bbq-ish feeling. Make some pan fried hotdogs with a nice potato salad. It actually sounds really good right about now. I might have to make some.

  4. Joanne says:

    Salads and grilled meats.

  5. Mr. Mike says:

    Gazpacho is cool, tasty and easy.