What’s a good rate to charge for personal cooking services?

Frage von alan1854ebay: What’s a good rate to charge for personal cooking services?
I go to people’s houses and cook a meal for them but do not know what to charge for this service. I plan the meal, do the shopping (I keep the receipt to be reimbursed for the food), and cook the meal. The meals usually consist of an entree and at least two side dishes (all made in their kitchen-not just opening a quick, “pre-made” dinner and warming it up). I’m curious what everone considers a fair amount. I prefer it to be a “per meal” instead of a hourly rate. I take in consideration any food restrictions (for health reasons, dieting, or allergies) or preferences (“Jane doesn’t like carrots.”) when planning the meal and can make favorite dishes on request. Also, depending on the size of the family, they usually would have left-overs.I am curious what people think is reasonable and fair.

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Answer by mariachichef
it kinda depends on the kinda food you do. you could charge a hourly rate or a per dish rate. keep in mind that the cost of the food should also be taken into account in a per dish rate.

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5 Responses to “What’s a good rate to charge for personal cooking services?”

  1. D.Allman says:

    the cost of the food and labor and time per dish.

    Iv heard of people making a nice meal for upwards of 200 for just like 6 people.

  2. ynotfehc says:

    So you are already doing this, but dont know how much to charge? Isnt that a bit backwards?

    1. How much will your potential clients be willing to pay or can afford to pay?
    2. What does your competition charge? Personal Chefs are fairly common in many metro areas, look around the internet to find your competition and see what they charge.
    3. will you charge them directly for the food cost or is that in your cost? (think of what you will do when you need 1 tsp of salt, you will buy a box of salt, and what do you do with the rest? Leave it there for them, but what if they have salt already, or you think they have salt when you get there they dont?)
    4. how much do you plan to profit?
    5. how much are your anticipated expenses? ie gas, equipment, advertisement, insurance, etc
    6. how will you charge for different sized meal plans? ie family of 2 or 5
    7. how often will you be preparing food for your clients?
    8. will you offer additional things like extra side dishes or desserts, and how much will that cost?

  3. Bee says:

    If its a family of 4, then your services, including cleanup, should be around $ 45.00 a meal. For a family up to 6 people, then $ 60.00. For a couple, $ 35.00 minimum.

  4. JeepJeep!!! says:

    They cost of the food & 50% more for your time & expertise. Also who does the clean up?

  5. gloria says:

    can you cook for a wedding reception?

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