Facts and Health Benefits of Gluten Free Pastry

Gluten is a protein composition that is commonly used for baking breads and pastries. There are people who have gluten allergies and celiac disease and they do not have the capabilities to digest gliadin that comes from gluten. These people could not easily eat pastries or breads because naturally one of the ingredients to bake bread is gluten which helps on the formation and preservation of the product.

There are some bread and pastries brand in the market that are made without any gluten composition. When baking breads and pastries without gluten, tapioca starch is usually the alternative but it creates awful taste. One of the best secret to create gluten free pastry which tastes better is by using arrowroot flour which is a form of starch that comes from the root of a plant that usually found in tropical places.

Arrowroot flour takes away the bad taste that produced by tapioca starch and it is also used as a thickening composition for other foods such as soups and sauces. It can be used as an alternative to corn starch but should not be used together with other dairy ingredients because it can produce unpleasant moisture and texture. Arrowroot taste more neutral than corn starch that it is why it is more recommended for baking pastries without gluten composition.

Since it is hard to create or produce gluten free pastry, there are recipes that are made to easily produce pastries flour which will allow you to have a gluten free pastry. You can use white rice flour or brown rice flour and combined it with arrowroot flour, potato starch, guar gum or xanthan gum. These are some components to make gluten free flour that can be used for pastries without sacrificing the texture, moisture and most importantly the taste.

Compared to traditional pastries which are composed of wheat flour that is rich with gluten, pastries that are made out of gluten free flours is way different from the look, feel and texture but still produces delicious taste. Baking gluten free pastry could produce delectable taste and could be beneficial to human’s health. But these health benefits depend on the type of the ingredients that are present in gluten free pastry.

One example of gluten free pastry is Vanilla Cupcake, which can be produced out of brown or white rice flour, sorghum, tapioca, xanthan gum and vanilla. Vanilla is a good source of antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids have the ability to fight cancer diseases. The sorghum and tapioca is a good source of carbohydrates and proteins that is very essential to human’s body. Other ingredients like white flour is a good source of fiber that is very essential to digestion, amaranth flour is composed of minerals and vitamins that is good to human’s health. These are just some ingredients that can be used to produce gluten free pastry. The importance if gluten free foods are very essential to people that is into gluten free diet or to people that has gliadin intolerance.


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