Gluten Free Bread Brands for Better Health

Gluten Free BreadGluten is a protein composition found in processed foods like pastries and breads. It comes from grains, wheat, rye and barley. It allows dough to rise and keep its shape which provides a chewy and elastic finish product, and it also works as an added preservative to food. Gluten can also be used for cosmetic products, dermatological preparations and hair products.

In general the flour that used for breads and other pastries is composed of gluten. Aside from the fact that it is an added ingredient to have a good baked product gluten is also has negative reaction to humans health. There are people who are sensitive to gluten because of Celiac Disease. It is associated with an abnormal immune reaction to digest gliadin which comes from gluten and it can also cause some allergies that may cause difficulties in breathing and neuropathies.

People who have allergies to gluten are recommended to eat breads that does not have gluten composition. Breads that are gluten free is tricky to find because most of bread products has a composition of gluten in the ingredients and it is quite hard to bake pastries or breads without gluten, But nowadays, there are manufacturers who produced products without gluten composition.

Examples of Gluten Free Bread Brands

UDI’s Gluten Free food is a popular brand that produces gluten free breads. Their breads are usually made out of tapioca starch, potato starch and brown rice flour. They used Teff as an alternative to Gluten.

Ener – G is a brand that created a wide variety of breads without gluten like corn loaf, white rice loaf, tapioca hotdog buns to mention few. There company is based in Seattle Washington and a family owned that produces allergy restrictive foods started in 1962. There products can be purchased from their website and in some grocery stores around US like stop and shop, Krogers, publix and more.

Another gluten free bread brand that produces selection of breads that does not have gluten composition is the Kinnikinnick Foods. There products can be purchased from major grocery stores like Krogers and can be ordered online. There products consist of cheese tapioca rice breads, honey brown rice bread, raisin tapioca rice bread and more. Most of their products are made out of rice flour.

Against the Grain is also a gluten free bread brand. It is based in Vermont and produces products that do not have gluten, sugar, yeast, rice, soy and corn. Their products are basically produced out of canola oil and tapioca starch but it contains dairy ingredients. Their products can be found in major grocery stores like Whole Foods, Earth Fare grocery stores, Mrs. Greens and more.

Another gluten free bread brand is Foods for Life, which is a family owned business and based in California. They produce both gluten free and wheat free breads and their products can be purchased in many health food stores in the US.

These are just examples of gluten free bread brands that are recommended for people who have celiac disease and gluten intolerance. Gluten is also recommended for people who are into strict diet.

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