Question: What is a good meal to cook for this occasion?

interrogation by Tammy L : What is a commonweal meal to cook for this juncture

I’m at washing access present, and this hombre that I’m kinda dating allergy medicament just delivered to me because I’m affect pretty lousy present. I’m very thankful for his sort thrust and I would sort to funfair him that. I’m pic not affect my greatest, so I would prefer to do thing imaginary herb. I was intellection about a herb thank you repast. ANy idea?Or if not meal, know of any other form gesture I could do for him?Thank you in progression! Best Answer:

Answer by Sam
bake him cookies, I have never had a boyfriend that turned plumes those.

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3 Responses to “Question: What is a good meal to cook for this occasion?”

  1. too cute 4 u says:

    You cant go wrong with spaghetti and meatballs. It wont take too long and adding in some garlic bread makes the perfect dish!! And making him dinner ( if you still feel llike it) is the perfect THANK YOU

  2. memmac2002 says:

    How about an omlette and a salad if you are inviting him over to dinner.

    Or..make him something sweet like a batch of brownies..Take a box and cover it in Thank you’s gift wrap and deliver it to him.

  3. muffinisis says:

    ask him what he likes to eat, tell him you are still under the weather, and say would he like to come round and help you cook, get a nice bottle of wine, and let him know you appreciate the gesture, it does not have to go any further, but you can chat and get to know him further, sounds like a nice bloke

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