A Tree Can Cause a Lot of Damage

One of the first things I did after moving my mom into a smaller house was contact a company that handles tree removal in Brooklyn NY. There was a fairly large tree that was growing over her roof, and it just looked to be extremely dangerous. When she looked outside her living room window, she could actually see one of the limbs against the glass window. I knew that if a storm was powerful, that tree could come through the living room window or topple over on her roof. I didn’t blame the person living there before my mom, because the house had sat empty for a few years.

It was taken care of while it was vacant, at least on the inside. The outside was neglected though, and the tree was given free reign to grow how it wanted. When I contacted a tree service, I explained that I just wanted the tree removed. It could have been trimmed back a bit, but it was still too close to the house. I was just too worried that if a massive storm came through, it could wreak a lot of havoc.

When someone from the tree service company came out, he also agreed that it was just too close to the house. I hadn’t even considered what was going on under the ground. He explained that the roof issue was a valid concern, but something even more pressing was the roots of the tree. They were so close to the house that they could end up really messing up my mom’s sewer lines. They were able to take away the tree completely. They took care of the stump as well as the roots, so my mom is not going to have any problems with a tree, either above ground or under ground!

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