Even the Aids Were Taken

Someone broke into my home while my wife and I were away on vacation. Of all the things that were stolen, the sex aids and stuff that my wife and I use was taken as well. We were a little too embarrassed to tell the police that these were among the missing items. There’s not much value a person can get out of used aids, and I’m sure they wouldn’t want to use them on their own body. The chances of us finding those aids again were slim to none, and even if the police somehow got them back, we wouldn’t want to use them anyway, because we don’t know where they have been.

My wife and I decided to cut our losses and just buy some new aids. The ones we had before were getting kind of worn anyway, so a replacement was inevitable, the burglar just sped up the process. My wife was getting a little bored with the aids we used before, and wanted something that was a little more stimulating. She had been reading about how electricity could be useful in the bedroom and wanted something that would provide her with an electric shock. It sounded to me that she wanted to torture herself.

As for myself, I wanted something that would give me a stronger feeling when I get closer to having a climaxing moment with my wife. The feeling that is associated with a climax is one of the most pleasant feeling and to have that feeling enhanced would be like ascending a new plane of ecstasy. Sometimes I envy my wife because she can have multiple orgasms at a given time, while I can only have one at a time. I’ve heard of some men training themselves to have a similar feeling,but I haven’t figured out how to do it.

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