The Pests That We Keep

Bats. Rats. Roaches. The creepy crawlers of New York City come in many forms and go by many names. They’re a fact of life that many New Yorkers have to deal with. When a society has so many people living together in such density there’s going to be no way to avoid the attraction of life that thrives in the deep, dark cracks of our shadowy underbelly. Some of these creatures make for the poorest of neighbors which is why an exterminator in NYC are in such a high demand; nobody wants to wake up at 4am to find the glowing red eyes of a rat chowing down on their left over pizza that you left on the table.

No matter how clean we can make our apartments or homes there’s no stopping what’s happening in the outside world where these creatures truly making their home. From the subways to the sewers, the creepy crawlers are Kings and Queens of those dark kingdoms. At night they make daring, dashing raids on our left overs – even in smaller cities than our own you’ll find rats and mice making their homes close to the restaurants who throw away the most uneaten food.

Roaches are a class to themselves. Wherever humans might be, so will the roach. Even where humans may not thrive we’ll find roaches somehow making home in the most inhospitable of places. There might be something to be said of the creatures who choose to stay close to human cities; what sort of society is it that attracts only the most determined, tenacious and virile of creatures that can make homes in the most remote, inhospitable reaches of nature? It’s not like we’re going to find deer or other such creatures making a home for themselves amongst the streets of human society.

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