Trying to Get Rid of Some Geese

I have a job as sort of the security guard at a large office complex. There are some sensitive things going on at some of these places, apparently software companies like to spy on one another from what the boss tells me. Most of the time my job is to check on everyone who goes in the place and not let anyone in who does not have a reason to be there. Lately they have had me trying to do some bird control in New Jersey. We have been infested by this great big flock of Canada geese, probably around a hundred and fifty it seems from looking at them. They do not really bother me that much and I am out in the parking lot a lot more than the other people. However some of them are pretty aggressive. I did not know this before one of the guys told me, but a male goose is called a gander and ganders are territorial. So when people intrude on what they think is their turf, they do not look kindly upon. Most of the time these ganders just make themselves look as big as possible and they make every effort to scare people away. However they are not afraid to take it further if they feel the need for it. I have taken to using a garden rake to shoo them away, but of course the office workers are not walking around with garden tools. Some of them are really afraid of these ganders and it is not just women. Of course I am not going to let a goose back me down, so I stand my ground, but one of them has come at me. We have tried various ways to frighten them away, but they keep coming back.

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